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link to official simutrans forum where you can find the newest version for download for free


This webs aim is to help the players of simutrans with some tips and tricks and to provide some addons different from those that are currently in the official release of simutrans.
You can find here new addons for download - most of them are new trains mostly used in czech railways, but you can find them almost anywhere in the middle europe. In addition there are some new train station platforms that can be combined to rural train stations.

download and play simutrans

You don't have to install simutrans. To start plazing the game go to this website, where you can download the newest version of simutrans. There are two files "binaries" and "pak128" (or pak64), choose one of the binaries files and one of the paks - you dont have to mind the other files.
In both these files there are comprimed "simutrans" folders - unzip and merge them into one. Then by click on the .exe file start playing.

simutrans and its versions

Simutrans has a number of versions to play. The version is defined by the "pak" that is used in the game. In paks are defined the images and the information about the them.
  • pak64 - the original pak, where all the pictures are in 64x64 resolution
  • pak128 - new version where the object are more detailed than in pak64
  • pak32, pak96, atd. - other versions always with different resolutions of the images
  • japan pak, pak abo, atd. - other version where the objects are ie only from japan or germany